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marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Interviu Kendare Blake+ Giveaway

1. Thank you, Kendare Blake. To begin with, tell us more about you! What influence you to become a writer? 
    I read a lot! And I love reading. The stories there are better than real life.
2. What inspired you to write ''Anna dressed in bloods''?
     I wanted to write something with blood and guts. It had been a while!
3. Does any of your characters represent you or have similar personality to you? Cas has sort of a similar personality. But there are pieces of me in all my characters, and pieces of other people, and then of course they are themselves.
4. How is a regular day of your life? 
    Get up. Eat breakfast. Do internet stuff. Get off computer, do something else. Maybe hike. Maybe play tennis. Maybe watch a movie. If it's a writing day, I'll get back on the computer and write for a few hours.
5. Do you have any facts from ''behind-the-scenes'' you would like to share with us?
   Let's see...well, something you might not know about Cas is he really likes The Rolling Stones. Because his dad and Gideon do.
6. How did you feel when you saw your work published for the first time? 
    It was surreal. Very cool. When you work most of your life for something and there it is, it takes quite a while for it to feel solid. I'm not quite there yet.
7. Which are your favorite parts when writing a book? What about ''Anna dressed in bloods'', Which is your favorite part?
 I love the writing, when it's going well. When it isn't, it's hell. My favorite part of Anna was how the side characters surprised me. They became more than what I intended.
8. Is there anyone in your family who has the same talent or hobby as you? 
No. Which is probably good. I tend to be competitive.
9. Do you have other hobbies? If you do, what are they?
 Um...hiking. Bad tennis. Eating. Animals...which are not a hobby, but I like them a lot. I'd ride horses if I had any with me.
10.What books would you recommend us?
 Let's see. In YA, So Shelly by Ty Roth. In adult, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera. Or The Red Tree, by Caitlin R Kiernan.
11.If you weren't a writer what would you be? 
Not sure! I hope it'd be something cool, like a dermatologist!
Si aici sunt doua carti scrise de autoare in format ebook pe care le puteti castiga

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10 comentarii:

  1. Multumim pentru giveaway si interviu! Si sunt curioasa in legatura cu seria asta.

  2. cu multa placere si sper sa va inscrieti cat mai multi

  3. Foarte frumos interviul!Te felicit:-d

  4. Imi doresc cartile de prea mult timp ! Poate de data asta va fi cu noroc si le voi castiga :)

  5. E foarte tare! De mult timp aştept un concurs cu cartea asta, Anna dressed in blood.

  6. cati s-au inscris la concurs, chiar sunt surprinsa. sa mai faci concursuri cu rafflecopter sau GFC ca in acest fel strangi multa populatie