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miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

Recenzie Mission one of Auggie tha Alien

Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers
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         This is the humorous story of a 4th grader, seen through the eyes of a human hybrid alien child, sent to Earth to study our culture - to see if they could coexist with the humans.

Auggie has to try and understand 4th graders slang, body language, and the unwritten protocols of the classroom; all in an attempt to blend in. He upsets his teacher, Mrs. Malumrector, who constantly thinks Auggie’s trying to get smart with her when getting stupid with her would be counterproductive. Not only does Mrs. Malumrector not get Auggie’s literal logic, nor do any of the other students in his class. That is except for Left Hand Chuck who thinks Auggie’s hysterical and helps him by teaching him how to use human slang. 

But if Auggie truly wants to complete his mission of blending in with the other children he needs to cheer for both teams, except if they’re losing. He needs to learn not to wear the ‘P and the J’ with the feet conveniently attached to school because they’re for sleeping in only. That ironically enough, Grandpa isn’t going to faint from low blood pressure even though his eyes often tend to roll upwards whenever Auggie is speaking. ‘Pop-a-Squat’ isn’t a good name for a dog, even though he’s great at it. And under no circumstance is he to bring his pet to school even if his teacher has her own pet there, Emily, another student in his class who is neither a gerbil nor a fish

  Parerea mea

In primul rand vreau sa ii multumesc autoarei pentru aceasta carte foarte draguta . Thank you. Ai crede ca aceasta carte e mai mult pentru copii lasandu-te inselat de coperta, idee si titlu, dar te inseli cu siguranta. Este o carte care trateaza unele dintre problemele cu care se confrunta lumea in ziua de azi. Un mic extraterestru hybrid este trimis pe Pamant intr-o misiune, ca sa observe daca in viitor oamenii vor putea locui alaturi de extraterestrii, la bunicii lui si toate situatile amuzante prin care acesta trece il vor face sa observe si sa inteleaga ce planeta minunata e Pamantul. Problema este ca noi, oamenii, suntem atat de egoisti si nu vrem sa avem grija de planeta noastra.
            Auggie merge la o scoala locala si descopera cat de greu este sa fi diferit. Observa ca oamenii sunt rai si pot judeca asa de usor si de repede.

           Dar Auggie este inteligent si isi va duce la bun sfarsit misiunea, imprietenindu-se in acelasi timp cu Chuck Mana-stanga. Acest prieten il va ajuta sa inteleaga mai bine lumea noua in care aterizeaza micutul nostru martian. Cartea isi face loc cu siguranta in inima deoarece reuseste prin ochii unui copil jumatate extraterestru, jumatate om sa ii faca pe cititori de toate varstele sa inteleaga problemele cu care ne confruntam.


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