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Salut mă numesc Cristea Bianca şi mă puteţi gasi la urmatoarele adrese de mail:

2 comentarii:

  1. Hi Bianca,
    It's Lorena Bathey, author of House on Plunkett Street. I tried to reach you on Goodreads but your account seems to be gone. Just wanted to let you know that sent off two copies of House on Plunkett Street, one for you to review and the other to give away.
    Let me know when you get them at
    Thanks for requesting them and I hope you enjoy the books. If you could leave a review on Amazon, that would be fantastic for potential readers.
    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi

    I'm Rosalie Warren, author of 'Coping with Chloe'. I sent you my book a few months ago after you requested it and promised a review. Any idea when you might be going to review it?